Welcome to USDF Black Belt Academ

Our Dojo

Shihan Carlos M. Ferrer opened USDF Black Belt Academy in the Bountiful area in 1984 and has since established the dojo as one of the finest schools in the United States—a reputation we are proud of. Our school is the longest-running dojo in Utah and offers many different Martial Arts styles.

Our commitment and discipline extends into the community. We offer FREE demonstrations and classes to community groups and organizations. Please contact us for further details.

We hope that you will join us! We know that you will enjoy your training and all of the wonderful benefits that come with it.

Feel free to contact our staff if there is anything we can do for you!



Mention our introductory special when you come in for your first week free with no commitment and no contracts!



Our Philosophy

Traditional Martial Arts puts great emphasis on respect for others, humility, self-confidence, responsibility, honesty, determination and honor. We hold this philosophy as an integral part of the traditional Martial Arts training at our school.

USDF Black Belt Academy helps our students achieve all the benefits possible in Martial Arts. The physical benefits of our program include toning, cardiovascular exercise, stretching and hand, foot and eye coordination. USDF black belt training develops discipline and self-esteem through self-defense, fitness and fun!



The Martial Arts Discipline

We hope that you will never have to use the practical self-defense you learn in our program, but we know that through continuous Martial Arts training you can use the discipline in your everyday life.

Our instructors follow a philosophy that teaches students to achieve large goals by breaking them up into smaller goals, achieved one at a time. If your ultimate goal is to become a black belt, our program provides several ranks, or steps, to get you there. Our students learn to reach their goals one at a time by focusing only on the present goal, moving toward that goal at their own pace; it is your discipline, your inner strength and your will that carry you through each step.

You can train with us just for the self-defense, fitness or fun—or go for a black belt certification and beyond, it’s your choice. For those who are interested in further development, we also offer classes in: weapons, competition and more.